Latest Book: Jake’s Journey

by michael on June 4, 2013

DKB is pleased to announce the release of our latest book Jake’s Journey:

The story of Jake McCarthy balances on the ethical question of whether it’s justified to steal from the rich, who will never miss their treasures, and give these to those who need them most. While their robbery is meticulously planned, other unexpected problems face Jake and his partner Jim Hastings: how to dispose of the loot and what to do regarding the innocent man who’s been accused of their robbery.
Against the background of these dilemmas, Jake and friends pursue a full life in Truckee Valley, Nevada: round ups, dealing with rustlers, breeding cattle, cornering the cattle market, buying adjacent ranches, parties, marriages, honeymoons, vacationing in the Four Corners, visiting San Francisco, dry fly fishing in Utah and Montana and sailing on Lake Tahoe. The story also includes the second generation McCarthy’s and an education “back east.”

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