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NEW! Down The Road Again: A Collection of 14 Short Stories

Down The Road Again: A Collection of 14 Short StoriesDown The Road Again is Author Michael Keyser’s fifth published book featuring 14 short fictional stories. If the definition of fiction is experience shaped by imagination, then many of these short stories are mostly derived from experience. They have been tucked away deep in my memory. Some of the stories are based almost completely on imagination. The events portrayed never happened to this writer. These stories were the most enjoyable to write because there’s no emotion incurred in the recall of the events. This writer believes that all short stories should proffer some guidance to our journey through this life. No preaching, but a conclusion, hopefully subtle, that may aid in our comprehension.

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Jake’s Journey – eBook Version

The story of Jake McCarthy balances on the ethical question of whether it’s justified to steal from the rich, who will never miss their treasures, and give these to those who need them most. While their robbery is meticulously planned, other unexpected problems face Jake and his partner Jim Hastings: how to dispose of the loot and what to do regarding the innocent man who’s been accused of their robbery.

Against the background of these dilemmas, Jake and friends pursue a full life in Truckee Valley, Nevada: round ups, dealing with rustlers, breeding cattle, cornering the cattle market, buying adjacent ranches, parties, marriages, honeymoons, vacationing in the Four Corners, visiting San Francisco, dry fly fishing in Utah and Montana and sailing on Lake Tahoe. The story also includes the second generation McCarthy’s and an education “back east.”

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Down The Road – A Series of 16 Short Stories – eBook Version

There are sixteen short stories contained in this collection.  They represent a five year period of scribbling in which they served as an important hiatus from the rigors of writing novels. The stories range from the grandfather-grandson fishing expedition before the cataclysm of World War II and conclude with the wedding where planning meant nothing. For the most part the stories are based on this writer’s experience, tempered of course by imagination—the other essential ingredient of fiction. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I did writing them.




Carpe Viam, A Time To Live – eBook Version

Carpe Viam, A Time To Live is set in San Francisco during the 1960’s. The story, in part, is about the formation of a joint venture primary aluminum company. The main character Jim Hastings encounters in his previous employment an incident of egregious anti-Semitism which establishes one of the book’s themes. He also is led into an unlikely affair with his boss’s wife. The affair terminates amicably when Jim meets his future wife Rhonda and commits to a rich family life with children, friends and continuation of serving the community.
 Both work for the company, she as General Counsel and he as President of the Northern California Division …




Ranching in Star Valley – eBook Version

Ranching in Star Valley Wyoming, a sprawling novel of the American west in the mild twentieth century, encompasses ranch life, cattle, buffalo, airplanes, nature, fishing, religion, high finance, romance, marriage, and politics, with a steam locomotive thrown in for good measure.

Narrator Mike Lambert and his partner Russ Pine transform the Circle P ranch from a modest beginning to a conglomerate empire, with both retail and wholesale outlets, a newspaper, a trucking line, and a small fleet of corporate airplanes.

Along the way, the novel’s main characters find time for children, community service, adventures in nature, grand parties, flight lessons, and an unsuccessful run for governor by Russ Pine.

The author, Michael J. Keyser, has crafted a rich tapestry of an almost ideal way of life. There is little darkness in this book, and much light.