Latest Book: Jake’s Journey

by michael on June 4, 2013

DKB is pleased to announce the release of our latest book Jake’s Journey:

The story of Jake McCarthy balances on the ethical question of whether it’s justified to steal from the rich, who will never miss their treasures, and give these to those who need them most. While their robbery is meticulously planned, other unexpected problems face Jake and his partner Jim Hastings: how to dispose of the loot and what to do regarding the innocent man who’s been accused of their robbery.
Against the background of these dilemmas, Jake and friends pursue a full life in Truckee Valley, Nevada: round ups, dealing with rustlers, breeding cattle, cornering the cattle market, buying adjacent ranches, parties, marriages, honeymoons, vacationing in the Four Corners, visiting San Francisco, dry fly fishing in Utah and Montana and sailing on Lake Tahoe. The story also includes the second generation McCarthy’s and an education “back east.”

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Author Michael J Keyser Now On Kindle!

by michael on October 25, 2011

Immediate Release: October 25, 2011

Publisher Diamond K Books is pleased to announce a partnership with Kindle Store. Currently, Author Michael J Keyser most recent books: Down The Road, and Carpe Viam, A Time To Live, have been published on the Kindle Store.

Latest eBook!

Down The Road – A Collection of 16 Short Stories

There are sixteen short stories contained in this collection.  They represent a five year period of scribbling in which they served as an important hiatus from the rigors of writing novels. The stories range from the grandfather-grandson fishing expedition before the cataclysm of World War II and conclude with the wedding where planning meant nothing. For the most part the stories are based on this writer’s experience, tempered of course by imagination—the other essential ingredient of fiction. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I did writing them.



May 25, 2011

Dear reader, your scribbler is compelled to comment on this year’s list. As list compiler for the Phoenix gang, it’s my obligation to read ahead and to make substitutions where needed.  The task is arduous, but I approach it with alacrity—verily. I’ve selected six on which to comment: After Such Pleasures by Dorothy Parker.  Great […]

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May 11, 2011

Speaking of decades and such weighty matters. Was 2000 the end of the 20th Century or the beginning of the 21st Century? Does the decade just ended have 10 or 11 years in it? Who cares besides over paid scholars who spend years reconciling the Jewish and Christian calenders. And now on to more productive […]

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They Roll By – Good Books and Good Meetings

April 27, 2011

Okay, dear reader, in 2009 we continue in the continuum of quality books and informative discussions. In my opinion both are essential in the enjoyment and longevity of a book club. I checked eight books for pithy (love the Brits) summations. Cold Mountain: great story beautifully written; pretty good movie also. All the Kings Men: […]

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Another Good Year

April 25, 2011

Per my review notes, 2008 was another good year—of course it should be because reading good books is a prime life experience. So saith your scribe. From the list of twelve, I checked eight books. Like the characters in the Phoenix, the books are eclectic: Near the top Salinger’s solo masterpiece, Catcher in the Rye; […]

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March 31, 2011

Perhaps the above is the motto of the Phoenix Book Club. We do have literary fun. I’ll think of something more cogent as we blog through. Is blog really a word? The American Heritage of 1979 says not. Didn’t that year celebrate the advent of the TRS 80, and the Wang word processor. You see, […]

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CARPE VIAM, A Time To Live WCTV Interview Part 1

March 30, 2011

CARPE VIAM, A Time To Live WCTV Interview Part 1 Please check out Michael J Keyser’s WCTV Interview down at WCTV, Wadsworth, Ohio.

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CARPE VIAM, A Time To Live WCTV Interview #2

March 29, 2011

Please check out Michael J Keyser’s WCTV Interview down at WCTV, Wadsworth, Ohio. We will be adding this interview to our media section, but wanted you to see ASAP! -Diamond K Books [January 2011]

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March 20, 2011

It was about six years ago when a group of serious readers formed a book club called the Phoenix.  The name was apropos, as the club arose from the ashes of a previous organization which went astray. The pledge of Phoenix members was to select only serious literature—fiction and poetry—from American, English, (Gaelic) and Russian […]

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